Space Cowboy

Salem's Plan of Action
Space Cowboy Prequel

Salem called together Driy’s Character ,Ryan O’Malley, and an NPC and explain the plan so far. The next steps as Salem has called out are:
1. distract willy – get supplies from shed
2. get sweets from girls – trade fatty for access
3. cause distraction – liberate weapons from armory

Story so far

Jack’s character, Salem, got into a fight with Brat, the school bully. While Brat landed the first punch, Salem landed the final blow right into the Brats balls. Crippling Brat, Salem followed the Brat to the infirmary. While Nurse Betty was healing Jack, the Brat was castrated behind a curtain.

Ehren and Jack made their way back to the dorms, gathering a bit of gossip on the way.

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