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  • Story so far

    Jack's character, Salem, got into a fight with Brat, the school bully. While Brat landed the first punch, Salem landed the final blow right into the Brats balls. Crippling Brat, Salem followed the Brat to the infirmary. While Nurse Betty was healing Jack, …

  • Home Page

    h1. Welcome to our new campaign! This is our new campaign homepage. So far, we have 4 player characters. Ehren, [[:ryan | Ryan O'Malley]], Jack, [[:salem-bradley | Salem Bradley]], Driy, [[:driy | Driy's Character]], and now Tory, [[:tory | Tory's …

  • The Brat

    A Nephew of a powerful wizard. Salem turned him into a eunuch. He is very bitter about this and swore revenge. Just prior to this incident, Driy's character cast a spell on the Brat's genitals, doubling in size. Salem then made fun of Brat saying "Now you …

  • Headmaster Garbin

    Headmaster of the Military Academy. 55 years old, a former Sea Captain. Walks with a limp caused by shrapnel of wood lodged in his leg during a fight in the open seas.

  • Ceton

    Killed Salem's parents. Last seen heading north-east wearing a dark green hoodie. Speaks in an accent that no one can quite place.

  • Elvina

    Elf mage that studied at the Naval Academy. Has the hot's for [[:driy | Driy]]. Very good friends with [[:tory | Curian]].